Hey I’m Tim!

Currently a marketing co-ordinator at a national company, I have always had a passion for web design and helping people & businesses achieve their digital potential.

I found that small businesses were often missing out on having a tailored marketing & content solution. Whether it’d be using stock templates intended for sites made in the early 2000s, or general marketing strategy ‘frameworks’ meant for completely different industries, the large majority of business owners were unaware of what is available to them.

That is why in 2017, I decided to undertake projects to help out those who needed not only new web designs, but also a new and improved marketing & content strategy. I believe in COLLABORATING with individuals and businesses to develop websites and strategies that are truly tailored to their brand and vision.

Collaboration generates ideas. Ideas create unique strategies. Unique strategies help you stand out from the rest.

There’s no better feeling than seeing the polished result at the end.

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Who am I?

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