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Who am I?

Besides my love of music, surfing, and the great outdoors, I’m a driven and passionate Marketing Professional with a flair for creative thinking and problem-solving.

While my mixed-love for both creative and strategic initiatives is somewhat unorthodox, it has fuelled my passion for business strategy and growth, and I’ve been lucky enough to turn that love & passion into a marketing career.

I have had hands-on and results-driven experience in many aspects of marketing such as Strategy Development, SEO, SEM, Email Marketing, Social Media Advertising, Print Advertising, Website Development/Maintenance/Optimisation, and Sponsorship Activations.

Having had a solid foundation in sales and CX, along with working with my own clients, their e-commerce brands, and my own brands, I am able to look at roadblocks and challenges holistically using a very well-rounded knowledge of the customer lifecycle and business landscape.

Work Experience

Megaphone has grown into one of Australia’s largest digital agencies not by repeating its successes, but by picking them apart for further improvement. With decades of experience in digital marketing, they are committed to embracing and flourishing in the face of change.


Responsibilities include:
• Developing digital marketing strategies across multiple channels
• Innovating and discovering new digital opportunities and strategies
• Working across Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, SEM, SEO, Email Marketing

• Guiding and developing junior staff
• Creating and communicating monthly reports
• Collaborating directly with clients and their accounts to grow their business and increase profit
• Managing recurring and project budgets of up to $200k

• Developing marketing strategies for businesses & organisations

• Designing, developing & managing client websites

• Ensuring designs and strategies align with business visions and core values.

Undisclosed brand as I stay fairly private about these things!


• Developing business & marketing strategies

• Brand development

• Creative direction/design

• Managing & working with 3rd parties for collaborations and manufacturing

Signal Security is recognised as one of Australia's leaders in residential and commercial electronic security, servicing thousands of people across Australia. The highly tailored and personable approach that their team takes is unique, positioning themselves above the rest of the industry.


Starting as a young graduate, I quickly positioned myself within the leadership team, resulting in the Marketing Team Lead role.


Responsibilities included:
• Developing business & marketing strategies
• Training and creating development pathways for new staff
• Liaising with a recruitment agency for staff recruitment
• Running weekly WIPs with management team
• Digital advertising (Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram)
• Content creation (using Photoshop, Figma, Premiere Pro)
• Managing external parties (digital agencies, web developers, graphic designers)
• Creating & managing marketing budget/spend
• Copywriting
• Email automation
• Website management & optimisation
• Analysing data using reporting tools (Google Analytics, Hotjar, Business Manager)

• Communicating, motivating, and educating a wider range of age groups (5-18)
• Coaching & developing junior coaches
• Maintaining positive relationships with parents, committee members and key stakeholders and increasing member retention

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